My little website has launched and what a happy occasion that was. I want to give proper acknowledgement to my parents who really have been aware of this dream for so very long and truly are Delicate Creatures #1 in my life.

My parents and I call ourselves The Three Musketeers. It’s not because I’m an only child, because I’m not. I have two amazing brothers, one of which did the programming for my website. Five years separate each of us, so after my brothers moved on from the household, it was just my parents and I. From that point on, it was usually the three of us on vacation together and sometimes it was only the three of us for holiday celebrations.

When I graduated from college and looked for my very first apartment on my own, it was my parents who helped me find it. They would often come over for dinner and bring the fixins in a little cooler because I was so penny-pinched back then and honestly, not much of a cook. When I loaded everything up in a moving van to set off from Denver to Chicago, I watched in the rear-view mirror as they disappeared in the distance – waving and fighting back tears. The first time my Mom visited me here, she carried heavy bags 12 blocks from the grocery to my home because I did not have a car. She helped me learn the public transportation system, which for "two gals from out West" was quite the comedy of errors. When my heart was broken (beyond repair, it seemed), it was the two of them that spent hours on the line with me through tears and loneliness. When I moved into my third apartment in the city, my parents flew out, went to IKEA with me and helped assemble much-needed furniture and shelving. And just this past December, while I was home for the holidays, my Dad spent a couple hours in the bitter cold helping me take photos for a business promotion.

I could go on and on and give you a million examples of how my parents have been there for me through my lifetime. They truly have been a daily source of strength and sunshine. Without their help and support, I wouldn’t have reached this dream. So, a very big thank you to Mom & Dad.

On a PROJECT note, something meaningful you can do to document your time with your parents is take a photo holding their hands. So if there ever is a day when you feel far from home, you can see the photo and be reminded of their presence. Just as with the eyes, there is so much in the hands, don’t you think?