Saturday's Earth Hour reminded me to post a little something about repurposing. Lately I've been avoiding the purchase of wrapping paper, gift bags and boxes and trying to use things I have around my apartment instead. I purchased some Easter goodies for N and instead of buying an Easter basket and straw, I repurposed a Whole Foods shopping bag by cutting it down and decorating over the advertisements. It was a fun little project and one I'll repeat for upcoming birthdays.

Here in Chicago, Easter weekend was marked by melting snow. It snowed on Friday and then Saturday brought sunshine. As I was walking around my neighborhood listening to water droplets fall from branches to the sidewalk, I thought of how the snow surrenders to the sun and simply melts. Nature is gracious in its' yielding capacity. I would like to model that quality. Historically I have missed out on the joy of my life by over-analyzing and being hesitant to change or fearful of risk. I have decided that over the next six months (& hopefully for a long time thereafter), the motivating word for my life will be: SURRENDER.

This theme was reiterated to me this past Sunday as I watched the Darjeeling Limited. The film is odd and interesting and certainly not universally loved. But, there is a scene towards the end of the film that made the viewing worthwhile, in my opinion - a scene where the characters leave their baggage behind - literally. It's a beautiful scene that has stuck with me. We all have worry, doubt & anxiety that have accumulated over the years of our lives. What would it feel like to release some of that and be present to the newness of the moment? Grand indeed!