What if you were the owner of this title: Master Miniature painter? And what if you lived in Jaipur, India? The answer is: you would be Riyaz Uddin and you would be amazing.

While traveling in Rajasthan, a New York artist, Alexander Gorlizki, stumbled upon Riyaz and ended up proposing a collaboration. The result is Riyaz Design. Alexander creates intricate designs and Riyaz paints the designs in the traditional methods of Indian Miniature artists. I love this photo of Alexander and Riyaz working together - such an interesting blend of the old and new world.

Indian Miniature painters use various pigments and ground-down stones for their painting. I should use this clever shell idea for my watercolor work!

Perhaps one day I will be able to visit Jaipur. It has been a dream of mine for a very long time and this little discovery has added fuel to the dream engine.

Photos & Illustrations from Riyaz Design.