In thinking about wedding locations, our goal has been to select a place that has significance to us and our relationship. We could have browsed a map for the most desirable locale, but if it lacked sentimental value, we didn't feel it would yield the intimate and tender ambience we were striving for.

Our thoughts (& hearts) landed in Harbor Country, MI. We want to get married there not because it's a "destination", but because we've spent time there getting to know the community and establishing a connection with the spirit and mission of the area. It's also been the place we go together to escape the ennui of everyday life and re-connect.

After a three-weekend-in-a-row venue-scavenger-hunt, we are thrilled to have finally secured a special little place in our special spot for our celebration! Our reception will be in the most populated/developed area of Harbor Country as not to invade the solitude that we respect so much in the other sleepy-towns of the region. We're also using local businesses that we have come to know and love for everything from food to flowers to sweets. The only vendor we will be "importing" is our photographer and that's solely for the purpose of incorporating a little urban edge in our photos.

Now on to finding ways of incorporating our family & friend's talents into the day's events!