I have been exiled for the past two weeks in NYC on business. Although I did visit my favorite neighborhoods and a few loved boutiques, I mostly ordered room service and watched TV. I do not have TV at home, so it was an interesting experience to really hunker down and experience this modern world of reality TV shows. I can't say I'm eager to repeat the experience.

I did stumble upon a gem of a documentary called HEAR AND NOW. The film chronicles the experience of a 65-year old couple acquiring cochlear implants after a lifetime of being deaf. Through a stream of tears upon viewing, I felt sorrow for taking so much in my life for granted - especially a gift as basic as hearing. I also was profoundly touched by the couple's dedication to their own evolution and the devotion and commitment that was transparent between them. If you have HBO and the opportunity to view this documentary, I hope that you will be impacted by it as much as I was.

The filmmaker is the couple's daughter and also the owner of Vermilion Production Company, whose mission is to "create character-driven projects that offer new perspectives on who we are and how we think". Admirable indeed.