After work on Friday, I went to Union Station to take the train 21 miles west of Chicago to a lovely town called Hinsdale. I encountered a couple of small design details in the town that are worth sharing. The first is a door detailed with the letter L. Could be for Love, Leisure or Larry, but it actually turned out to be the front door for the uber-preppy store, Lilly Pulitzer. I really like the idea of a monogrammed door and will consider it one day when N and I have a house and one room within is dedicated to my tiny studio.

The next discovery was particularly exciting for me as I have a long-time infatuation with anything Fornasetti. Can you believe this amazing wallpaper at the super-cool boutique, Stockholm Objects?

N and I registered* for a Fornasetti pillow and now I am dreaming of an entry-way lined with this fabulous paper!

* Wishpot is an awesome registry tool. You can select items from all over the web and compile them with links and pricing information.