Transforming an everyday object into something beautiful and inventive is the artistic challenge of design. Demakersvan is a Dutch design company that challenges the expected. I quite enjoy the following bio tag-line from their website:

"We are storytellers, from fantasy to factory, from statement to product."

My favorite product from their line, the Lace Fence, does stir the imagination. You wonder who would be the ideal client for such a product. The fantastical side of me imagines an urban chocolate factory that uses the fencing to surround their production warehouse or a sheep farmer in the mild of the Scottish countryside, mixing steel and pasture - cold gray and lush green.

Demakersvan describes the product:

"Fencing is a sign how we modified and cultivated our environment. Like brambles fences are rising rampantly around us. What would happen if a patch of embroidered wire would meet with and continue as an industrial fence. Hostility versus kindness,
industrial versus craft."

What can you transform from ordinary to art?