Five inspiring experiences from this past week:

1) Dinner and a bottle of wine with HeeJai at Mado. The homemade tagliatelle with Japanese eggplant was scrumptious and so was the company. I would highly recommend a visit to this restaurant and soon - before the BYOB status changes.

2) Adjusting to life in the South Loop and joyfully finding that nature resides nearby at Burnham Park and the McCormick Place Bird Sanctuary. Enjoyed the last remnants of summer flowers and the view of lingering sailboats.

3) Dew feathers on the Harbor Country shoreline of Lake Michigan during our last visit before the big day.

4) Collecting wine along the Lake Michigan Shore Wine Trail for a special Thursday night dinner party before our wedding. Finding the gem of the group – Hickory Creek Winery - and leaving with a bottle of 2006 Chardonnay that deposits the taste of butter on the palette.

5) Discovering a peaceful and private community that reminds me of Sea Haven, the fictional town in one of my favorite films, The Truman Show.