Lately I haven't felt very introspective or really known what it is that I want to express here. I have been creating a lot and instead of words, colors - instead of plans, shapes. It's been very therapeutic and something my dear friend, Jenny, termed "Camp Jolene".

I encourage you to set up "camp" (or adult swim, if you will) for a weekend. Turn off your computer - hide your cell phone - use the contents of your art drawers - take a long walk - stretch - examine nature up close - look up at the sky - lay down in the grass - dance in your living room - write someone a note - read - make a gourmet meal - eat a vegetable... know - all those things you don't do anymore - the things that get passed up in favor of "social-media-networking", planning yourself to death on your crack-berry or IPhone, merging with your TV and any other form of modern escapism that you might prefer.

And if you already are doing those things - share your secret with the rest of us!

Be back sometime next week!