I am ecstatic that Anthropologie chose to partner with Hatch Show Print, the celebrated Nashville letterpress print shop, for their summer catalog design. Brad Vetter (who designed these awesome wine labels) worked with the Anthropolgie team to create a complimentary front-page design for the music industry theme of the June catalog.

I'm quite fond of how the experience was described in Anthropolgie's newsletter:

"...we walked out of Hatch's doors with our heads still full of the rhythmic click-clacking of centuries-old presses. The tangy, metallic scent of ink still filled our noses, and we could still picture it smudged across the busy hands of the staff, themselves youthful practitioners of an age-old craft. Though their clients are modern—from up-and-coming bands to newlyweds and corporations—their product bears a human touch that the convenience of the electronic age often leaves behind."

Speaking of letterpress, check out the inspiring behind-the-scenes video from Egg Press.

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