For N's milestone birthday, I planned a "manly-man" get-away to Milwaukee. The new Harley-Davidson Museum was the guiding force behind the destination choice and it did not disappoint.

I've not always been fond of N's motorcycle dreams, but have come to realize since visiting the museum that it's a pretty cool thing. Harley has a rich and surprisingly faceted history. I particularly enjoyed the stories of women pursuing the sport and adventurously enjoying the freedom of the open road - most notably, Vivian Bales:

Within walking distance of the museum is the Iron Horse Hotel, a rustic-Americana inspired boutique-hotel catering to bikers - special hooks for helmets, a spa menu dedicated to relieving the pressure of long road trips and a motorcycle wash station. The Iron Horse comes alive at night with the fabulous menu at the Smythe restaurant and the chic outdoor environment of "The Yard".

The cocktail menu, inspired by the "vintage craftsmanship of drinks", includes in-house-infused whiskey, bourbon, scotch and a delicious Door-County cherry-infused brandy.

With his cocktails, N enjoyed a cigar he selected earlier in the day from Uhle's Tobacco Company, founded in 1939.

The Iron Horse Hotel balances the "gentleman's ambiance" with a little something special for sweet-toothed ladies - a candy bar in the concierge room!

A special breakfast in the Library topped off a very memorable Midwest mini-vacation.

PS: To accompany N's smore dessert, the chef slightly charred a rosemary sprig with a brulee torch, which produced the most lovely smokey-campfire aroma. Try it at home!