I quite enjoy the promotional materials surrounding the release of the movie Beautiful Losers. How great is this graphic announcing the subjects of the film?

The film chronicles a small contemporary DIY art movement of outsider artists who eventually became pop culture sensations. I researched a couple of the artists whose aesthetic drew me in. How about this over-sized bulletin board installation constructed by graphic designer Geoff McFetridge for the Seattle Art Museum?

I am drawn to the basic blue teardrop poster. What is it about a simple shape in a simple color in large format that feels so appealing?

Geoff was the artist behind the doodled type for the Virgin Suicides. Hand-lettering lends so much charm to design.

Another artist profiled in the movie is Margaret Kilgallen. I like what she had to say (she passed away in 1991) about the imperfections of her work and the inspiration she found in folklore.

Not everyone understands or appreciates contemporary art, but I am inspired by the desire of such artists to express themselves in unconventional ways & through inventive means.