Last week I was in my home-land of Colorado. My Mom planned a truly delightful bridal shower for me. Her lady friends came over to help actualize her vision of an enchanting garden party with gourmet finger sandwiches and summertime libations. I admire my Mother's friendships - solid, true and filled with laughter.

A few party ideas from the shower (click photo collage to enlarge):

* Monochromatic flower arrangements take time to create, but lend major color.
* Melt chocolate to fill small paper candy cups, place a raspberry in each and chill until solid. Remove the paper and place on a tiered serving plate topped with fresh currants.
* Tie honey sticks together with a pretty ribbon and a hand-written tag for a sweet party favor.
* Ask each guest to write a note of romantic advice for the groom and present to him after the event.

It was a lovely celebration and I was completely overwhelmed by the generosity of others.

I miss my parents and the peacefulness of their home and the bounty of their garden. My Dad left all of the gooseberries on the bush for my arrival and I tenderly plucked each and every one before my departure.