"Journeys, like artists, are born and not made. A thousand differing circumstances contribute to them, few of them willed or determined by the will-whatever we may think."

- Lawrence Durrell

The wedding festivities begin this week with the arrival of far-away family and friends. It's finally here!

The search for the ideal partner - the serendipity of finding one where and when I least expected him to be - the questions, the letting-go of pasts, the discernment and the accepted joy - the six-months of planning - all culminate in one special day. This journey of love has surprised me and I feel very blessed. Life unfolding with a partner by one's side is all the sweeter and worth every ounce of sweat and tears.

I look forward to sharing details from our very small and modest event upon my honeymoon return!

Until then, enjoy whatever leg of your own journey you are on.