If you live in Chicago, here are some petite treats (light on the pocket-book) to try for every day of the week:

On a groggy Monday morning, a motivating mocha at the modern-woodsy Little Branch Cafe.

A mid-Tuesday-afternoon snack of an organic butter and jelly pretzel at Hannah's Bretzel.

On hump-day Wednesday, a Pancakes & Bacon (or any other flavor of the week) cupcake at Cupcakes.

An appetizer of black-truffle gnocchi on a comforting Thursday at Perennial (pictured above).

A Cranberry Old Fashioned cocktail at Zed 451 to celebrate your arrival at Friday.

A Saturday jaunt to the Green City Market (before it closes for the season) to grab a Hoosier Mama pie.

A Sunday afternoon session with Kate at Pilates on Broadway to detox and rejuvenate for next week!