One of two original works of art that I own is by Portland-based artist, Amy Ruppel. I originally discovered Amy's work displayed at my favorite pampering place. My brother was patiently waiting for me after a facial and being the good brother that he is, took note of my appreciation for the collection. He then persuaded my family to go in on the beautiful 12x12 creation titled "The Good Weeds" (detail below) for my 30th birthday. Lucky me!

Velocity Art & Design explains Amy's process:

The medium is beeswax layered under and over digital prints on paper derived from her photography, then cut into rounded shapes and completed with drawings etched into the wax. Since the surface is smoothed with the flame of a propane torch, Amy Ruppel describes her process as “painting with scissors and fire instead of a brush.”

I like all of Amy's work, but am glad that I own one of her non-bird creations because it's a piece that also appeals to my man.

I need to make another trip to Portland to eat at Amy's restaurant, sleep at this super cool hotel and take a day trip to this luxury boutique winery.