This week I profiled some of my favorite female artists knowing that I would land on Friday and want to write about my experience meeting my favorite artist, Midwest-based Lora Fosberg. Lora received a Master of Fine Arts from the Art Institute with a concentration on painting and printmaking. Her work is both whimsical and modern - bitter and sweet - illustration and art. Her paintings express a fondness for nature and typography (she uses India Ink for her hand lettering) and reflect on the complexities of communication that result in connections, quarrels and intimacies.

My favorite of Lora's creations is "The Last True Story I'll Ever Tell" which was displayed at the MCA in 2006. The piece is a 40x96 inch collection of thoughts, phrases, tangents, apologies and confessions. When talking with Lora last night at her book launch, she told me that this piece was created in three months. I asked how she could have possibly thought up the extensive content in that limited time-frame (so much "spilling"!) and she said that she looked through years and years of sketch-books and extracted all the random feelings, thoughts and ideas. Together they culminate into a deeply authentic portrait of the modern mind - cluttered, searching and circling the unknown.

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It's really a gratifying and inspiring experience to meet an artist who you admire and come to find out that she is accessible and open to sharing her process.

All artwork images from Lora Fosberg's website.